part 1
MELBA MOORE : standing right here (Buddah)
FAMILY TREE : family tree (OST)
MIZ DAVIS : sing a happy funky song (Now)
THE VOICES OF EAST HARLEM : can you feel it (Just Sunshine)
CALVIN RICHARDSON : there goes my baby (Soul Shots)
T-LOVE : foolish pride (Brawl)
STEPPAH HUNTAH : I don't know (Jazzmin)
GEORGIA & DUDLEY : one (Look)
PERCEE P : the hand that leads you (Stones Throw)
FANTASIA : hood boy (J Rec.)
ORGONE : who knows who (Ubiquity)
ESTHER PHILLIPS : all the way down (Kudu)
IODINE 69 : rhode trip (All City)
THE DYNAMICS : land of 1000 dances (Groove Attack)

part 2
LAL : Saturn - Alister Johnson RMX (Public Transport Recordings)
AROOP ROY : too long (Freestyle)
JOSEPH MALIK : take it all in and check all out (Compost)
BEATFANATIC : down (Soundscape)
NEPHEWS OF PHELA : mulah 2 (white)
RICARDO MARRERO : Babylonia (Jazzman)
LA LUPE : fever (Jazzman)
HECTOR RIVERA : I want a chance for romance (Record Kicks)
THE FANTASTIC PUZZLES : come back (New Moon)
THE MIGHTY CLOUDS OF JOY : mighty clouds of joy (Dunhill)
COSMIC FORCE : Trinidad bump (Truth & Soul)
THE FUTURES : party time man (PIR)
MINNIE RIPPERTON : I'm young willing and able (Epic)
BLACK IVORY : mainline (Buddah)
ARCHIE BELL & THE DRELLS : where will you go when the party's over (Beach World)


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thanks please check out my soul and funk radio show


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