part 1
MONETTE SUDLER : afroblue (Isma'a)
BABATUNDE LEA : use your hands (Evidence)
YAMBU : sunny (RCA)
VILLAGE CALLERS : evil ways (Vampisoul)
BRIAN AUGER : save me (Reprise)
JOE QUATERMAN : so much trouble in my mind (GSF)
CAMILLE BOB : brother Brown (Soul Unlimited)
MOODY SCOTT : I don't dig no phony (Sound Stage 7)
NINA SIMONE : save me (RCA)
RICHARD GROOVE HOLMES : groovin' for Mr G (Blue Note)
INNER CITY JAM BAND : inner city jam (Bareback)
DONALD BYRD : loving you (Elektra)
LEROY HUTSON : don't it make you feel good (Curtom)
MAVIS STAPLES : koochie koochie koochie (Curtom)

part 2 :
Rediffusion SF # 46 pt 2
STEPPAH HUNTAH feat. Bluesmith : should I ? (Soultronik)
TWO BANKS OF FOUR : one day (Red Egyptian)
from "The Kings of Jazz" (BBE/Rapster)
OSUNLADE feat. ERRO : everything in its right place (BBE/Rapster)
from "EXIT MUSIC : songs with Radio Heads"
DEE FELICE TRIO : nightingale - DJ GRINCH RMX (Escapism)
MAHOGANY : take a look at me now - Blackbeard Bossa Mix (Mahogany)
LARRY LEVAN : welcome home - Grand High Priest RMX (Larry)
CAROLINE CRAWFORD : havin' fun (Mercury)
GLORIA GAYNOR : real good people (MGM)
THE SUNBURST BAND : thin air - Joey Negro RMX (SB)
KINGS OF SOUL : what's the T ? (BBE/Rapster)
from "ROY AYERS : Virgin Ubiquity Remixed"
NEW MASTER SOUNDS : nervous - raw mix (Kay-Dee)


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