part 1
ZELLJKO KERIETA : summer's gone (Counterpoint)
DOUG CARN : suratal inklas (Heavenly Sweetness)
KARL HECTOR : Passau run (Stones Throw)
METROPOLITAN JAZZ AFFAIR : the lost syndicate (Le Maquis)
MR SCRUFF & QUANTIC : donkey ride (Ninja Tune)
OMAR : it's so (Blunt/Ether)
JOAO BOSCO : bala com bala (BMG)
MARIANA FEO : take it easy brother Charlie (Club Brasil)
COISA NOSSA : procurando o caminho (Compost)
LARRY WILLIS : consolaçao (Brunswick)
MIDDLEWOOD SESSIONS : astro blue (Wah Wah)
NICOLE WILLIS : feeling free (Timmion)
EL ANTHONY : we've been in love to long (La Cindy)
LOVE UNLIMITED ORCHESTRA : midnight & you (20TH Century)
THE UNDISPUTED TRUTH? : showtime -PPF edit (Popular People's Front)

part 2
ZAPP & ROGER : freedom (Troutman Bros.)
THE PAZANT BROTHERS : skunk juice (Vanguard)
BATTY WRIGHT : slip & do it (Alston)
ONYX : break it loose (Ubiquity)
JIMMY BO HORNE : dance across the floor (TK)
? : move (D-Classics)
COSMIC FORCE : chocolate starfish (Truth & Soul)
TONE THEORY : pegs signs bass (Icon)
BEATFANATIC : down (Soundscape)
VALIQUE : where is the love (Freestyle)
THE POINTER SISTERS : send him back - Pilooski edit (Dirty)
MO'HORIZONS : Green Day - Una Mas Trio rmx (Agogo)
MARK RONSON : Valerie (Sony BMG)
FLOYD LAWSON : air I breathe (Record Kicks)


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