part 1
STEVE PARKS : sadness in my samba (Luv N' Haight)
TEENA MARIE : you make love like springtime (Gordy)
THE AFRO SOUL-TET : mozamba (Luv N' Haight)
GENO WASHINGTON : different strokes (PYE)
EUGENE BLACKNELL : cousin John (Luv N' Haight)
SOLOMON BURKE : keep looking (Atlantic)
SOLOMON BURKE : I can't stop (Bell)
SOLOMON BURKE : get up and do something for yourself (MGM)
SOLOMON BURKE : over & over (Chess)
SATISFACTION UNLIMITED : somebody's else woman (Hot Wax)
BOBBY WOMACK : It's gonna rain (Get Back)
TONY TROUTMAN : what's the use (BBE)
DORIS TROY : wha' chagonna do about it (Atlantic)
BLACK PEPPER : you keep running out of gas (Sticky)
THE COUNTS : pack of lies (Westbound)
ANN ROBINSON : you did it (All Brothers)
REUBEN HOWELL : you made your bed (Motown)
RICHARD GROOVE HOLMES : groovin' for MR G (Blue Note)
LOU RAWLS : when love goes wrong (Capitol)
CHUCK JACKSON : I only get this feeling (Soul Gems)
part 2
GERRI HALL : who can I turn to (Grapevine)
THE BARRINO BROTHERS : trapped in a love (Record Kicks)
BETTYE SWANN : kiss my love goodbye (Atlantic)
TEDDY PENDERGRASS : I don't love you anymore (PIR)
THE JONES GIRLS : nights over Egypt (PIR)
KENI BURKE : keep on singing (Dark Horse)
GREG PERRY : come on down (Casablanca)
LUTHER DAVIS GROUP : to be free (Soul Cal)
CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR : far out (De-Lite)
WAR : galaxy (MCA)
? : I can feel it - Al Kent edit (Million Dollar Disco)
POCKETS : come go with me (Columbia)
MARY JANE GIRLS : candy man (Motown)
TEENA MARIE : I need your lovin' (Motown)


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