part 1
RONNIE KEATON : goin' down for the last time (BBE)
OSCAR BROWN JR : but I was cool (Atlantic)
STU GARDNER : sister Matilda (Volt)
FREDDIE SCOTT : am I grooving you (Shout)
JAMES BROWN : don't mind (King)
SPANGLISH FLY : think (Electric Cowbell)
EL CHAVO : hit the bongo (Vinyl Vibes)
THE PEDDLERS : it ain't no big thing
JACK MCDUFF & DAVID NEWMAN : duffin' around (Atlantic)
MARSHA GEE : peanut duck (Penniman)
CABBAGE ALLEY : freedom soul dance (Morelianvibe)
THE DRAGONS : soul for my food (Ninja Tune)
BILLY PAUL : compared to what (PIR)
LOU PRIDE : it's a man's world (Suemi)
part 2
SYL JOHNSON : I hate I walked away (Hi)
THE SYLVERS : stay away from me (Pride)
GLASS HOUSE : thanks I needed that (Invictus)
THE DEVASTATING AFFAIR : you don't know (Motown)
BETTY DAVIS : they say i'm different (Just Sunshine)
THE OHIO PLAYERS : love rollercoaster (Mercury)
HEATWAVE : beat your booty (GTO)
DARWIN'S THEORY : keep on smiling (Lotus Land)
JALN BAND : life is a fight (United Artists)
FREDDIE WILSON : in born soul (Westbound)
ELAINE & ELLEN : fill me up (Ovation)
MAHOGANY : my chance to dance (Mahogany)


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