part 1

JOHNNY HAMMOND : why can't we smile (Fantasy)

MINNIE RIPPERTON : les fleur (Janus)

NEWBAN : free your mind (Guinness)

GRANT GREEN : the cantaloupe woman (Verve)

SHADES OF JOY : crying bag (Fontana)

BRIAN AUGER : listen here (RCA)

WILLIE HENDERSON : off into a black thing (Brunswick)

GEORGE JACKSON : find 'em fool 'em and forget 'em (Fame)

DARONDO : legs (Luv N' Haigt)

RICKEY CALLOWAY : tell me (Kay Dee)

LYN COLLINS : me and my baby got our own thing going (Polydor)

SWEET CHARLES : I like it like that (Polydor)

CURTIS MAYFIELD : we're a winner (Buddah)

SKIP MAHOANEY & THE CASUALS : town called nowhere (DC International)

BRENDA & ALBERT : talking about loving you (Clarama)

THE DELLS : run for cover (Cadet)

WIZDOM : so in love with you (Kay Dee)

part 2

PUZZLE : state of mind (Motown)

LORETTA WILLIAMS : I'm missing you (Atco)

RUFUS THOMAS : hard to get along with (Stax)

CURLEY MOORE : shelley's rubber band (House Of The Fox)

HI RHYTHM : skinny dippin' (Hi)

THE FATBACK BAND : Mr bass man (Polydor)

JACKIE MOORE : singing funky music turns me on (Kayvette)

PLEASURE : let's dance (Fantasy)

LEE ELDRED : lovin' your love life pt.2 (Mercury)

WETBULL : struttin' pt. 2 (Claridge)

7 MILE PER HOUR : at the disco (Kay Dee)

JOHN DAVIS ORCHESTRA : I can't stop (Sam)

NORMAN CONNORS : Once I've been there (Buddah)

PHYLLIS HYMAN : you know how to love me (Arista)

FINISHED TOUCH : the down sound (Motown)

INNER LIFE : ain't no mountain high enough (Salsoul)


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