part 1
BLUNDETTO : mustang - Blanka version (Heavenly Sweetness)
SHAWN LEE : ethio (Ubiquity)
THE BUDOS BAND : mas o menos (Daptone)
RICHARD STOUTE : vehicle (Soundway)
KAKO : kool jerk (Honest Jon's)
THE AFRO SOUL-TET : soul rockin' (Luv N'Haight)
JAMES BROWN : september song (Polydor)
DORIS : beatmaker (EMI)
JUSTIN : right now (Soul Saver)
CLARENCE REID : twenty five miles (Atco)
HANK SOUL MULLEN : he upset your dreams (Ever-Soul)
NAT DOVE : ghetto strut USA (Magic Disc)
CARLA WHITNEY : war (Jazzman)
MATATA : I want you (President)
LITTLE SISTER : stanga (Stone Flower)
BILL WITHERS : you got the stuff (Columbia)
JUNIE MORRISON : superspirit (AEM)
part 2
MR PRESIDENT : get it sometime (Favorite)
COSMIC FORCE : Trinidad bump (Truth & Soul)
RECORD PLAYER : free your mind (Soul Cal)
JEAN CARN : free love (PIR)
RAINBOW BROWN : it ain't no big thing (P&P)
MARAGARET SINGANA : why did you do it Edit (D-Classics)
RAW SOUL EXPRESS : the way we live (TK)
L.A. BOPPERS : give me some (Mercury)
LEGACY : the groove is here (Airwave)
? : so in love with you (C Edits)
TATA VEGA : just keep thinking about you (Motown)
AQUARIAN DREAM : phoenix (Buddah)
LEMURIA : hunk of heaven (Jazzman)
RENA SCOTT : we can make it better (Buddah)


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