Part 1
ODYSSEY : going back to my roots (ISM)
GIL SCOTT-HERON : the klan - edit (Chicken Wing)
WELDON IRVINE : love your brother (RCA)
HE3 PROJECT : thesis on love (Family Groove)
OLU BUTTERFLY : if we do nothing (Counterpoint)
NINA SIMONE : see-line woman (Verve)
UNDISPUTED TRUTH : smiling faces - Jazzy Jens edit (GAMM)
LEROY HUTSON : the ghetto '74 (Curtom)
DARROW FLETCHER : the time for love (Genna)
C.B. OVERTON : if I can't stop love you (Shock)
AVANI ft. Rashaan Patterson & Carla : watching you (Unique)
HAWA : tricky shit (Favorite)
100% PURE POISON : windy C - Kon edit (Uncle Junior)
Part 2
WAR : keep on doin' (RCA)
MONGO SANTAMARIA : mambo mongo - Joe Claussell RMX (Fania/Codigo)
GAROTAS SUECAS : tudo bem (Vampisoul)
SERGIO MENDES : the real thing (Elektra)
it's a better than good thing (white)
INNERSECTION : I'm in debt to you (Sonic Wax)
THE WHATNAUTS : help is on the way (Harlem International)
LINDA CLIFFORD : runaway love (Curtom)
THE NEW BIRTH : deeper (Warner Bros)
SYL JOHNSON : Ms. fine brown frame (Boardwalk)
KRAAK & SMAAK : call up to heaven (Jalapeno)
THE FANTASTICS ! : up yours (Freestyle)
LAURA VANE & THE VIPERTONES : about to blow (Unique)
FUNKTOMAS : sweet baby (Resense)


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