DEE FELICE TRIO : nightingale (Jazzman)
FRED JOHNSON : a child runs free (Jazzman)
MARK CAPANNI : I believe in miracles (Jazzman)
GLORIA SCOTT : just as long as we're together (Casablanca)
GLORIA WALKER : you hit the spot baby (Flaming Arrow)
THE DELEGATES : funky butt (Mainstream)
EDDIE BO : from this day on (Seven B)
AARON NEVILLE : Hercules (Jazzman)
JAMES BROWN & LYN COLLINS : this guy this girl's in love with you (Polydor)
BETTY LAVETTE : do your duty (Silver Fox)
LOS AFRICANOS : it's your thing (Acid Jazz)
QUANTIC AND HIS COMBO BARBARO : I just fell in love again (Tru Thoughts)
HAWA : catch a fire (Favorite)
CAROL FRAN : I'm gonna try (Port)
ISRAEL TOLBERT : shake your big hips (Warren)
THE MAJESTICS : funky chick (Souladelica)
SLY & THE FAMILY STONE : I can't turn you loose (BYG)
CABBAGE ALLEY : freedom soul dance (Morelianvibe)
Part 2
THE 35TH STREET GANG : the dance of love (Plut)
DARWIN'STHEORY : keep on smiling (lotus Land)
EDDIE KENDRICKS : keep on truckin' (Tamla)
THE MAIN INGREDIENT : happiness is just around the bend (RCA)
MELVIN MOORE : all of a sudden (Daywood)
BILEO : you can win (Watts City)
DICK KHOZA : african jive (Matsuli)
THE FAMILY FORTUNE : work (Skyline)
JAMES BROWN : mindpower (People)
THE FATBACK BAND : street dance (Perception)
RAMSEY LEWIS : do what you wanna (Cadet)
MILTON WRIGHT : keep it up (Alston)
SLY SLICKED & WICKED : sho' nuff (People)
THE ORIGINALS : don't stop now (Légère)
GLADYS KNIGHT : I've got to use my imagination (Buddah)
AL GREEN : keep me cryin' (Hi)


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