AL GREEN : love ritual - bwana mix (Hi / Fat Possum)
JONI MITCHELL : the dry cleaner from Des Moines feat. Buff1 (A Side)
BUFF1 : when the winter comes (A Side)
HERMA PUMA : disposable rappers (First Word)
LEE FIELDS & THE EXPRESSIONS : my world (Truh & Soul)
THE TRANSATLANTICS : couldn't be him (Freestyle)
THE LINK QUARTET : if you wanna be my man (Record Kicks)
SHAWN LEE : don't let that feeling (Ubiquity)
FIVE : stuck by lightning (Kindred Spirits)
JANIT & THE JAYS : hurting over you boy (Hi)
THE DELLS : run for cover (Chess)
DONI BURDICK : candle (Outta Sight)
JOE TEX : under your powerful love (Dial)
NEW WORLD : we gonna make it (Polydor)
DORSEY BROCKINGTON : stormy weather (Plut)
WILLIAM BELL : save us (Stax)

part 2
THE APPLES : in the air (Freestyle)
GRINNY GRANDAD : the good girl - A Skills RMX (Jam City)
BUTTON UP : sudden groovement (Rowed Out)
EBO TAYLOR : victory (Strut)
TEASPOON & THE WAVES : oh yeh Soweto (Sofrito)
CHECK THE GUNS : Jimmy's Sweetness - JC Edit (Tape Edit)
? : together - Stupid Human edit (Stupid Human)
EVELYN KING : I don't know - Popular People's Front edit (white)
DARWINS THEORY : on a lovely night like this (Lotus Land)
COOL MILLION : loose (Sedsoul)
AL DOWNING : I'm just nobody (POLYDOR)
MILTON HAMILTON : we have all the time - Danny Krivit edit (Strut)
SHIRLEY LAWSON : one more chance (Backbeat)


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