part 1
MONK HIGGINS : who-dun-it (Saint Lawrence)
AMANDA AMBROSE : no more sad songs (Zealous)
SHIRLEY BASSEY : spinning wheel (United Artists)
SALENA JONES : right now (Jazz Classics)
MO' HORIZONS : free and easy (Agogo)
YOLANDA JOHNSON : on the inside (Meta Music)
JONATHAN JEREMIAH : what's a guy got to do ? (Rosario)
DR RUBBERFUNK : northern comfort (Jalapeno)
LAIDY DAISEY : soul strut (BBE)
TUOMO : firsts (Jupiter)
SMOKEY ROBINSON : it's her turn to live (Motown)
GENE ANDERSON : forgive this foolish man (Hi)
THE LOVELITES : how can I tell mym mum and dad (UNI)
THE NATURAL FOUR : you bring out the best in me (Curtom)
KELLEE PATTERSON : Mr Magic (Shady Brook)
THE ISLEY BROTHERS : who's that lady (Epic)

part 2
100% PURE POISON : windy C - kon edit (Uncle Junior)
BARTEL : boogie (Perception)
THE PAZANT BROTHERS : skunk juice (Vanguard)
WAR : me and baby brother (United Artists)
CHEYENNE : come back to me (Shady Brook)
THE VIBRATIONS : shake it up (Chess)
DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER : that's the way love should feel (Elektra)
HAROLD MELVIN & THE BLUE NOTES : is there a place for me (Chicken Wings edit)
ARCHIE BELL & THE DRELLS : where will you go when the party is over (Beach Wood)
BOBBY THURSTON : check out the groove (Unidisc)
DONALD BYRD : dominoes (Blue Note)


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