NINA SIMONE : feeling good (Philips)
LOREZ ALEXANDRIA : send in the clowns (Jazzman)
JON LUCIEN : who will buy (RCA)
BYRDIE GREEN : return of the prodigal son (Fantasy)
SHIRLEY AND LEE : how can I loose (Numero Group)
GENE THOMPSON : you don't love me (Ace)
ZZ HILL : gime gimme (Kent)
DONI BURDICK : candle in my window (Outta Sight)
FROOTFUL : fish in the sea (Freestyle)
SUGAR & SPICES : have faith in me (Rollercoaster)
DAN GREER : you're slipping away (Sounds Of Memphis)
OTIS CLAY : too many hands (Hi)
THE FUZZ : I love you for all seasons (Calla)
LEROY HUTSON : cool out (Curtom)
BRIEF ENCOUNTER : human (Sound Plus)
VERNON BURCH : lovely lady (Spector)
LINDA TILLERY : freedom time (Olivia)
AMERICAN GYPSY : inside out (Chess)
part 2
FRANK MITCHEL JR : body mind (ESL)
BILLY BYRD : lost in the crowd (Soul 7)
ANN SEXTON : you're losing me (Seventy Seven)
FLOYD LAWSON : roof top sugar (Record Kicks)
SPANKY WILSON : sunshine of your love (BGP)
AL DOWNING : gimme some lovin' (Chess)
THE LOADING ZONE : no more tears (RCA)
JIMMY MCGRIFF : dig on it (Groove Merchant)
THE APPLES : in the air (Freestyle)
BOBBY SHAD : I want you back (Mainstream)
THE LOVELITES : get it off my conscience (Grapevine)
MACHINE : there but for the grace of god (Unidisc)
BREAKWATER : release the beast (Arista)
GAZ : sing sing (Salsoul)
MIDNIGHT EXPRESS : danger zone (Tri-Fire)


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