part 1
SAMUEL BELAY : qèrèsh endèwaza (L'Arôme Productions)
THAHOUN GESSESSE : tchuhetèn bersèmu (L'Arôme Productions)
JAE'S SOUL : sintonia en soul (Vampisoul)
QUANTIC & HIS COMBO BARBARO : I just fell in love again (Tru Thoughts)
NAOMI SHELTON & THE GOSPEL QUEENS : what have you done (Daptone)
MARIE QUEEN LYONS : see and don't see (Deluxe)
LOU PRIDE : it's a man's world (Suemi)
HAROLD MABERN : I want you back (Prestige)
LITTLE GARY FERGUSON : a mother's love (Mother's)
MARSHA GEE : peanut duck (Penniman)
VANESSA HAYNES : reap what you saw (Centre City)
WILLIAM DE VAUGHN : you gave me a brand new start (Roxbury)
CHOCOLATE SNOW : a day in the life (Now Again)
WALTER MECCA : pleasure (Favorite)
SARAH LINHARES : it's all true (PTR)
SA RA CREATIVE PARTNERS : bitch baby (Ubiquity)
OCEANA : bad boy (Ministry Of Sound)

part 2
ALLEN HOIST : with love - Raw Deal RMX (Soulab)
UPTOWN FUNK EMPIRE : you've got to have freedom (Soulab)
HANK CRAWFORD : suger free (Kudu)
NORMAN CONNORS : once I've been there (Buddah)
FAMILY OF EVE : I wanna be loved by you (BBE)
LOVE COMMITTEE : just as long as I've got you (Salsoul)
ARNIE LOVE : we've had enough (Numero Group)
TAVASCO : love is trying to get a hold on me (Grapevine)
LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY : all about the paper (Salsoul)
MILLIE JACKSON : all over but the shouting (Southbound)
RUBY ANDREWS : help yourself lover (Zodiac)
FUNKY NASSAU : look what you can get (Tramp)
BARBARA LYNN : I'm a good woman (Fryers)
TERRY CALLIER : look at me now (Cadet)



part 1
QUANTIC & HIS COMBO BARBARO : the dreaming mind (Tru Thoughts)
ORQUESTA ESENCIA : carnaval (Jazzman)
RAY BARETTO : pastime paradise (Atlantic)
CREDIT CRUNCH : bim sala bim (Killer Funk)
MOMBASA UNIVERSITY BAND : take one (Mocambo)
RHYTHM MACHINE : freakish love (Now Again)
THE TEMPTATIONS : I can't get next to you (Gordy)
OBAMA : hold on ! (Killer Funk)
BOBBY BLAND : honey child (Duke)
LOVE C.P. : trick bag (Grapevine)
MARTHA REEVES : show me the way to your heart (Tamla)
VANESSA HAYNES : leaving the scene of the crime (Centre City)
BETTY WRIGHT : girls can't do what the guys do (Alston)
ARETHA FRANKLIN : one step - Feature Cast edit (DP)
COMMON : a dream (Hollywood)
HOMECUT : time different (First Word)

part 2
PETE PHILLY & PERQUISITE : womb to tomb - DJ Ryow RMX (Hand Cuts)
KALETA & AKOYA AFROBEAT : guynamukat afro RMX (Mukatsuku)
NICKODEMUS : sun children (Wonderwheel)
RAY HARRIS & THE FUSION EXPERIENCE : scaramunga - Sidewinder RMX (Fusion Music)
NATURAL IMPULSE : time is right (Soul Junction)
STORM : can't nobody love me like you do (Grapevine)
GERALDINE HUNT : can't fake the feeling (Prism)
ELAINE & ELLEN : fill me up (Ovation)
FAT LARRY'S BAND : lookin' for love (Fantasy)
HARRIS & ORR : spread love (Kay-Dee)
LENNY WILLIAMS : Shoo do fu fu ooh! (ABC)
L.A. BOPPERS : you did it good (Orpheum)
FINISHED TOUCH : the down sound (Motown)
FOSTER JACKSON : feel the spirit (Lonnie)
MICHAEL JACKSON : you can't win (Underdog edits)