part 1
? : the time for love (Moton)
FATHER'S CHILDREN : Hollywood dreaming (Mercury)
AMBELIQUE : talk like that (Goldmine)
CARLTON J. SMITH : I'd better (Soulchoonz)
THE CB'S : misdemeanour (Jam City)
JOY DENALANE : change (Nesola)
DRAGON FLI EMPIRE : to the sky (Traveller)
PAT D & LADY PARADOX : what it's worth (A Bridge Too Far)
LARRY ELLIS : funky thing (Funk 45)
THE JOHNNY OTIS SHOW : the Watts breakaway (Epic)
DYKE & THE BLAZERS : let a woman be a woman (BGP)
SPANKY WILSON : kissing my love (Westbound)
JAMES BROWN : who's afraid of Virginia Woolf ? (Smash)
MARCOS VALLE & AZYMUTH : Filipaldis show (Phillips)
ELZA SOARES : mas que nada (Odeon)
KENNY RANKIN : in the name of love (Little David)
HI-FLY : samboogaloo (Tramp)

part 2
LILLIAN ALEXANDER : a dream without you (Family Groove)
WHATNAUTS BAND : soul walking (All Platinum)
RONNIE MCNEIR : a different kind of love (Expansion)
SHARON BROWN : family tree (Anada)
THE NEW CENSATION : come down to earth (Pride)
SPACE RANGERS : love don't come easy (Plimsoll)
STUPID HUMAN : swamp funk (Swamp Funk)
DAVID CAMPANINI : me my funk and I (Bosconi)
WITHNEY HOUSTON : million dollar bill (Sony)
? : love is here (Moton)
THE VOICES OF EAST HARLEM : cashing in (Just Sunshine)
DEE EDWARDS : I can deal with that (Morning Glory)
JON LUCIEN : would you believe (RCA)
JAMES LEWIS : manifesto (Legend)
JIMMY FRASER : of hopes and dreams and tombstones (Columbia)


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